Netherlands Club Connect

Mokeham Publishing’s NETHERLANDS CLUB CONNECT program supports Clubs, Associations and Societies financially, by passing a proportion of subscription fees paid by club members, supporters and friends on to the club. Participating clubs also receive additional benefits in terms of publicity, a link on our website and coverage of special events.

How does this work?
Any society participating in the program will receive a ‘clubcode’. When someone mentions the clubcode when subscribing to or renewing a subscription to one of our publications, 5% of the subscription fee will be set aside for the society. In February of each year we will issue a cheque to the society for the total sum set aside in the previous calendar year.

Which publications are covered by the program?
Both of our current publications, Maandblad de Krant (in Dutch) and DUTCH the magazine (in English) are covered by the program.

Which types of clubs and societies are supported by the program?
The aim of the program is to support clubs and societies that somehow connect the Dutch or people of Dutch descent in North-America. These could include sports and social clubs, charitable organizations, alumni or veterans associations, or special interest societies.

Few or none of our members know the Dutch language, is there still sense in joining the program?
Absolutely! DUTCH the magazine is published entirely in English and covers items of wide interest to people with interest in or a connection to The Netherlands.

Do subscribers have to be members of our society to participate in the program?
No. Anyone who enters or mentions your clubcode will contribute to the funds your society accumulates. So, family members and friends of club members or even just members of the community that are sympathetic to the aims of your club can use the clubcode.

Will our members pay a higher subscription rate if they use the clubcode?
No. Whatever the current subscription rate is for the type of subscription a club supporter takes out, 5% of that fee will be set aside for the club.

How do we maximize our return?
You can maximize your return by widely publicizing the program. Mention the program and your clubcode on your website and include a link to our subscription page. Tell people about the program on a regular basis through your Facebook page or Twitter feed. You can put information about the program in your society newsletter or magazine. If you are interested, we can supply you with subscription forms, preprinted with your clubcode , to include in your magazine or newsletter.

Are current subscribers to your publications eligible to participate?
Yes. If they enter your clubcode next time they renew their subscription they will also participate in the program.

What publicity benefits, are there?
We will list your club contact information on our website with a link to your website, if you have one. Your listing will include your clubcode so that members or supporters can look it up. If you like we will also give you access to the Events Calendar section on our site where you can list any public events, including fundraisers, that you are organizing. Events that are of wider interest to the community and about which we receive details well in advance, we will also publish in our events calendar in DUTCH the magazine.

How do we go about signing up for the program?
E-mail us at and mention ‘CLUB CONNECT’ in the subject line.

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