Letter: looking for Dutch War Brides

Article by Olga Rains
Canadian war bride Hendrika Lukkien (Image: Bev Tosh).

Canadian war bride Hendrika Lukkien (Image: Bev Tosh).

Dear Publisher,

My name is Olga Rains, and I am a Dutch War Bride.

You did a story about my husband Lloyd; he passed away in March 2013. I am one of the two thousand Dutch girls who married Canadian soldiers after WWII and came to Canada to start a new life.

In 1984, I wrote a book about Dutch War Brides called ‘We Became Canadians’.

On August 8th through 10th, 2014, there was a War Bride Reunion here in London, Ontario. I was the only Dutch War Bride, the others were all English. I kept contact with the Dutch ones for many years. Many of them have passed away.

We lived in Holland between 1980 and 2009, so I lost a lot of contacts.

Would you be so kind as to publish this letter? Perhaps I might be able to get in contact with the ones in Canada so they can join our War Bride organization and we can meet each other at the next reunion in Calgary in September 2015.

Hope to hear from you, and thanking you in advance.


Olga Rains
London, Ontario

Ms. Rains can be contacted through DUTCH the magazine.

Her book is still available from VanderHeide Publishing at: http://www.godutch.com


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2 Comments for “Letter: looking for Dutch War Brides”

  1. Tom Bijvoet

    Hi Johanna,

    Thanks for your comment! We did a feature on the painter who painted the portraits:
    We would love to hear from you!
    Tom Bijvoet

  2. Johanna Schultze

    I cannot believe that I ran across this internet page! The picture on the top of the page is my mother! Hendrika. She was a war bride. She passed away in 2010
    after a long life as a happy Canadian citizen. Married my Dad in 1945. Came
    to pier 21 in Montreal via the Mauretania.
    I would be pleased to correspond with you.


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