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Travel feature: Bourtange

Photo: Kashif Pathan

  Dating to the late 16th century and located in Westerwolde in the northern Dutch province of Groningen, Fort Bourtange was built by William of Orange in order to guard the only road between Germany and Groningen during the Eighty Years’ War (1568- 1648). Centuries later, the fort lost its function and became a village. […]

Place: De Haar Castle

Photo: Albert Dros

  De Haar Castle (Kasteel de Haar) in the province of Utrecht is ‘undutch’ in its extreme opulence. Until 2000, the castle was owned by the baronial Van Zuylen van Nijevelt de Haar family. It had been owned by ancestors of these last aristocratic owners of the vast property since at least the late 14th […]

Place: Nes aan de Amstel


  About a mile south of Nes aan de Amstel lies Nessersluis, (the sluice at Nes). Nessersluis is on the other, eastern, shore of the Amstel river and to get there would take about a ten mile drive from Nes, across the nearest bridge at Uithoorn. Fortunately there’s a ferry at Nessersluis that will transport, […]

Travel Feature: Groningen, vibrant city of the north


Because of its renowned universities, richly intellectual atmosphere and bustling nightlife, the city of Groningen attracts a large number of national and international students and has the youngest average population in the country. It is no wonder that a visit to the northern Dutch city always feels like a breath of fresh air. Like tonic […]

Place: Amsterdam’s EYE Film Museum

Photo: Anastasia Malkin

Until very recently, after arriving at Amsterdam’s Central Station, one would always exit on the south side, the side facing the city. The north exit offered nothing more than a busy road, a wide river, the IJ with a view of derelict shipyards, and a single high rise building, Royal Dutch Shell’s research laboratory. The […]

Travel Feature: Utrecht – A winter fairy tale come to light

A light dusting of snow on the tracery of the Gothic cathedral dedicated to St. Martin. Canals framed by white wharves below and white streets above. Utrecht doesn’t get a lot of snow – some years, none at all – but when the streets, squares and wharves wear a soft mantle of white, the city […]

News: KLM visits Toronto with retiring MD-11


Today KLM paid a special visit to Toronto Pearson Airport’s Street Festival. KLM is the last airline to fly the MD-11 passenger jet, which was introduced in 1988. This fall it will retire its final three MD-11’s. As a special treat to airplane enthusiasts, the MD-11 ‘Audrey Hepburn’ which had just arrived from Amsterdam Schiphol […]

Travel Feature: Valkenburg


A drive to the southernmost tip of The Netherlands on a warm summer’s day this past June almost fooled me into thinking I had taken a wrong turn and ended up in another country. France perhaps. At a certain point, probably somewhere past Geleen, the scenery suddenly changed. From typical Dutch flatlands it transformed into […]

Place: Broek in Waterland


‘Waterland’ is a region just north of Amsterdam, comprising, among others, the towns of Volendam, Edam, Monnickendam and Purmerend. One can imagine that in a country that is so abundant in water as Holland, for an area to be called Waterland (it means the same in Dutch as in English), it must be very wet […]

Travel Feature: The famous ‘Cuyp’


A walk through the Albert Cuyp market  in Amsterdam on any given Saturday, one of the busiest days, is quite an experience. Approximately 260 stalls line both sides of the Albert Cuypstraat, named after the 17th century Dutch landscape artist and located in the trendy district known as De Pijp. Locals do their weekend shopping, […]