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Interview: Ambassador Henne Schuwer

Henne Schuwer (Photo: Stephen Voss)

    His Excellency Henne Schuwer, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of The Netherlands to the USA, pleads for more involvement of the Dutch, even if it’s just responding to the embassy’s Facebook page. “Let’s start a dialogue,” he said enthusiastically. We met at the modern Dutch Embassy in Washington, DC. You lived […]

News: Press award for DUTCH the magazine


  One does not like to toot one’s own horn, but I must share with our readers the pride and satisfaction I felt when I was invited to Queen’s Park, the provincial legislature of the Canadian province of Ontario, for an awards ceremony. The invitation was to represent DUTCH, the magazine and our Dutch language […]

Feature: Dutch New Year celebrations in 18th and 19th century America

Kniepertjes (Foto: Marianne van Erker)

Seventeenth-century Dutch settlers who founded the Dutch colony of New Netherland, a huge area wedged between New England and Virginia, brought with them not only seeds, tree stock and cattle, but also their well-established food ways and customs. One Old World and New World Dutch custom was visiting relatives, neighbors and friends on holidays such […]

Letter: looking for Dutch War Brides

Canadian war bride Hendrika Lukkien (Image: Bev Tosh).

Dear Publisher, My name is Olga Rains, and I am a Dutch War Bride. You did a story about my husband Lloyd; he passed away in March 2013. I am one of the two thousand Dutch girls who married Canadian soldiers after WWII and came to Canada to start a new life. In 1984, I […]

News: Pier 21 brings Ja-Mei-My to Canada


After successfully debuting De Emigrant (2013) internationally, Pier21 is proud to present JA-MEI-MY (YES-IT’S-ME) in Ontario, Canada this autumn. Acting couple, Klaasje Postma (Beppe Tryntsje, with Tryater, Canada, 2006) and Freark Smink (De Emigrant, with Pier21, Canada, 2013) will play all the roles. In Friesland, JA-MEI-MY had seventy successful sold-out performances reaching fifteen thousand visitors. […]

Music: The Beach Boys in Baambrugge


The Beach Boys visited The Netherlands in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, playing concerts in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Groningen, as well as appearing on various Dutch television and radio programs. The band was grateful for the Dutch audiences’ acceptance of their later post-surfing material, and for their interest in hearing the newer songs in […]

Tracks & Traces: Historic New Castle Delaware

The Dutch House Museum in New Castle, Delaware

The state of Delaware enjoys a rich history. It was the first state to ratify the Constitution, it was home to the renowned Revolutionary War ‘Fighting Blue Hens’, and it was a vital stop on the Underground Railroad. Delaware was also home to New Sweden, the first European colony to settle there. However, the Swedes […]

Interview: Expat rights activist Eelco Keij


Eelco Keij’s political career was catapulted after he took the initiative to organize a meeting in New York to discuss the efforts of the Dutch government to end dual nationality. After he became a candidate for the centralist D66 party, he presented himself as “the international candidate”. Keij, who didn’t get elected, recently published his […]

Died: Leo Vroman


Leo Vroman was born in 1915 into a middle-class Jewish family in Gouda – his father was a science teacher; his mother taught mathematics. After graduating from the high school where his parents taught (now named for him) Leo entered the University of Utrecht to study biology. In the fall of 1938, in his third […]

Feature: How Nieuw Nederlandt became New York

New Netherland with a view of New Amsterdam by 17th century mapmaker Nicolaas Visscher

The Dutch were busy establishing their own colony about the same time Jamestown was getting underway, and a full decade before the Pilgrims happened upon Plymouth. Yet history books don’t give the Dutch settlers anywhere near the attention they do the latter-mentioned colonies. Most North Americans know at least something about the settlements at Jamestown […]