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News: Successful opening of Frisian play in Ontario


Pier21’s play Ja-Mei-My, which loosely translates to ‘Yeah, it’s me’ is a portrayal of the relationships between family members of different generations. Lighthearted, but not without several deeply moving emotional moments, the play centers around late middle-aged Klaasje and her ninety-six year old mother, who lives in a retirement home. Her mother phones Klaasje at […]

Died: Leo Vroman


Leo Vroman was born in 1915 into a middle-class Jewish family in Gouda – his father was a science teacher; his mother taught mathematics. After graduating from the high school where his parents taught (now named for him) Leo entered the University of Utrecht to study biology. In the fall of 1938, in his third […]

Poem: May on the ice

Photo: Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

May on the ice By Pieter Jelles Troelstra (1860 – 1930)   Although spring gives lots of pleasure, Winter’s also dear to me; When I see you, pretty, sprightly, When your fired up eyes I see.   Breezing o’er the frozen surface, With your sweetheart: oh so nice! When the trees are bare and naked […]

Died: Anil Ramdas (1958 – 2012)


The custom that one does not speak ill of the dead, or refers to the failings of a newly deceased only in oblique terms, seemed to have been temporarily suspended after Anil Ramdas’s suicide earlier this year. When populist anti-immigrant politician Pim Fortuyn – the personification of Ramdas’s unease about the state of multiculturalism in […]

Letter: Monthly newsletter missed


Congratulations on the first edition of DUTCH! We wish you all the best. An addition for your article about Dutch language newspapers in North America: De Nieuwe Amsterdammer was a monthly newsletter for the Dutch-language community in North America, published from 1991 through 2004. It was produced by Eleonore Speckens, Benno Groeneveld and Hanny Veenendaal. […]

Poem: Pleasantry

Photo: Marcel oosterwijk

Pleasantry By P.A. de Genestet (1829 – 1861)   Oh land of freezing drizzle, of dung and dirty fog, Of inundated roads, of mist and rising damp, Oh sodden patch of soil, full of soggy bog, Of brollies and of gout, of toothache and of cramp!   Oh dreary mushy swamp, oh manor of galoshes, […]

Died: Milo Anstadt (1920 – 2011)


Television was a new medium in The Netherlands in 1960 and no program did more to popularize it than a documentary series called De Bezetting or The Occupation. The fifteen years after the end of the war in 1945 had been devoted to reconstruction, to rebuilding the devastated, plundered country. There had been little time […]

Poem: Memory of Holland

Photo: FacemePLS

Memory of Holland by Hendrik Marsman (1899 – 1940)   Thinking of Holland I see broad slowly flowing rivers traversing endless low lands; on the horizon unthinkably slender poplars like feathers in tall narrow strands; submerged by the awesome and splendid expanse farmhouses strewn on the fields down below, tree clusters, villages, trimmed-back steeples, churches […]