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Died: Drs. P.

drs p thumb

On June 16 a remarkable death notice appeared in Dutch newspapers NRC Handelsblad and De Volkskrant. It was a handwritten two stanza, eight line poem, adhering to the strict form and meter of the Ollebolleke (a Dutch adaptation of the Double Dactyl or Higgledy Piggledy – a form of light verse invented in 1951 by […]

Arts Feature: Better than Rembrandt, at least for a while

Jan Lievens, Self Portrait

Though today he is nowhere nearly as legendary as Rembrandt, child prodigy Jan Lievens was, for a time, a much bigger deal. Lievens, who was slightly younger than Rembrandt, was already a celebrity artist by the time Rembrandt picked up a paint brush. According to Bob Haak, author of Rembrandt: Life and Work, the two […]

Place: Amsterdam’s EYE Film Museum

Photo: Anastasia Malkin

Until very recently, after arriving at Amsterdam’s Central Station, one would always exit on the south side, the side facing the city. The north exit offered nothing more than a busy road, a wide river, the IJ with a view of derelict shipyards, and a single high rise building, Royal Dutch Shell’s research laboratory. The […]

News: Successful opening of Frisian play in Ontario


Pier21’s play Ja-Mei-My, which loosely translates to ‘Yeah, it’s me’ is a portrayal of the relationships between family members of different generations. Lighthearted, but not without several deeply moving emotional moments, the play centers around late middle-aged Klaasje and her ninety-six year old mother, who lives in a retirement home. Her mother phones Klaasje at […]

News: Pier 21 brings Ja-Mei-My to Canada


After successfully debuting De Emigrant (2013) internationally, Pier21 is proud to present JA-MEI-MY (YES-IT’S-ME) in Ontario, Canada this autumn. Acting couple, Klaasje Postma (Beppe Tryntsje, with Tryater, Canada, 2006) and Freark Smink (De Emigrant, with Pier21, Canada, 2013) will play all the roles. In Friesland, JA-MEI-MY had seventy successful sold-out performances reaching fifteen thousand visitors. […]

Music: The Beach Boys in Baambrugge


The Beach Boys visited The Netherlands in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, playing concerts in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Groningen, as well as appearing on various Dutch television and radio programs. The band was grateful for the Dutch audiences’ acceptance of their later post-surfing material, and for their interest in hearing the newer songs in […]

Died: Leo Vroman


Leo Vroman was born in 1915 into a middle-class Jewish family in Gouda – his father was a science teacher; his mother taught mathematics. After graduating from the high school where his parents taught (now named for him) Leo entered the University of Utrecht to study biology. In the fall of 1938, in his third […]

Column: Verbatim

Oliestel, by Rosemary Sloot

In our March/April 2012 issue, I wrote a review of a very special art exhibition that had just opened in Burlington, Ontario. It was called Immigrant and featured twenty-one works by London, Ontario artist Rosemary Sloot. After touring several Ontario public art galleries, with a side trip to Edmonton, Alberta, the collection has now come […]

News: New Van Gogh Discovered


In September 2013, a recently authenticated Van Gogh masterpiece was presented to the world at Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum. Although the painting, Sunset at Montmajour, had been considered a fake for over a century, research conducted at the museum left no doubt about its authenticity. According to Marije Vellekoop, the museum’s Head of Collections, Research […]

Successful premiere for ‘De Emigrant’ in Woodstock


On September 28 ‘De Emigrant’, had its North American premiere at the Market Centre Theatre in Woodstock, Ontario, which was filled to capacity. After 33 sold-out performances in Friesland, the cast have come to Canada for nine shows in southern Ontario. The play is set partially in Friesland and partially in Ontario so it is fitting […]