About DUTCH the magazine

DUTCH, the Magazine was launched in August of 2011. It is a full colour bi-monthly magazine, about The Netherlands and its people. Articles cover among other subjects travel, society, culture, history and food. Special emphasis is placed on the Dutch presence in North America. The magazine is available by subscription, is for sale in bookstores throughout Canada and the USA.

DUTCH the magazine is based in the Greater Toronto area and is the only North American magazine in English about The Netherlands.


Tom Bijvoet


Paola Westbeek


Hans Westbeek

Circulation and administration:

Wilmar Kortleever and Sylvie Van Roose

Regular contributors:

L. Scott Ayers (Illinois)
Tom Bijvoet (Ontario)
Stuart Billinghurst (The Netherlands)
Ray Cavanaugh (Massachusetts)
Gerrit Jan Groothedde (The Netherlands)
Tiffany Jansen (The Netherlands)
Eva Lambooij (The Netherlands)
Eva Lebens (Arkansas)
Annette McDermott (Delaware)
Shirley Moskow (Massachusetts)
Peter G. Rose (New York)
Jesse van Muylwijck (British Columbia)
George Way (New York)
Ronald van Erkel (The Netherlands)
Gerald van Wilgen (New Jersey)
Paola Westbeek (The Netherlands)