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Photo: Kashif Pathan

Travel feature: Bourtange

  Dating to the late 16th century and located in Westerwolde in the northern Dutch province of Groningen, Fort Bourtange was built by William of…

Photo: Albert Dros

Place: De Haar Castle

  De Haar Castle (Kasteel de Haar) in the province of Utrecht is ‘undutch’ in its extreme opulence. Until 2000, the castle was owned by…

Henne Schuwer (Photo: Stephen Voss)

Interview: Ambassador Henne Schuwer

    His Excellency Henne Schuwer, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of The Netherlands to the USA, pleads for more involvement of the…

Current Affairs

News: Press award for DUTCH the magazine

  One does not like to toot one’s own horn, but I must share with our readers the pride and satisfaction I felt when I…

Current Affairs

Topography: Of peat, bogs and fens

In an incidental series of articles we have been examining how the topography of The Netherlands has been influenced by the requirement of the Dutch…


Place: Nes aan de Amstel

  About a mile south of Nes aan de Amstel lies Nessersluis, (the sluice at Nes). Nessersluis is on the other, eastern, shore of the…

drs p thumb

Died: Drs. P.

On June 16 a remarkable death notice appeared in Dutch newspapers NRC Handelsblad and De Volkskrant. It was a handwritten two stanza, eight line poem,…


Travel Feature: Groningen, vibrant city of the north

Because of its renowned universities, richly intellectual atmosphere and bustling nightlife, the city of Groningen attracts a large number of national and international students and…

Jan Lievens, Self Portrait

Arts Feature: Better than Rembrandt, at least for a while

Though today he is nowhere nearly as legendary as Rembrandt, child prodigy Jan Lievens was, for a time, a much bigger deal. Lievens, who was…

Photo: Anastasia Malkin

Place: Amsterdam’s EYE Film Museum

Until very recently, after arriving at Amsterdam’s Central Station, one would always exit on the south side, the side facing the city. The north exit…

Kniepertjes (Foto: Marianne van Erker)

Feature: Dutch New Year celebrations in 18th and 19th century America

Seventeenth-century Dutch settlers who founded the Dutch colony of New Netherland, a huge area wedged between New England and Virginia, brought with them not only…

Kniepertjes (Foto: Marianne van Erker)

Recipe: New Year’s cakes

The combination of caraway seed and orange zest makes these cookies very special. Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour ½ cup light-brown sugar, packed ¼ teaspoon…

Tiny's ID-Card, the hated 'persoonsbewijs'.

Feature: The Final Year of the War through the eyes of two Dutch women

Seventy years ago World War II entered its final phase. We will follow events in The Netherlands during those last grueling months through the eyes…


Travel Feature: Utrecht – A winter fairy tale come to light

A light dusting of snow on the tracery of the Gothic cathedral dedicated to St. Martin. Canals framed by white wharves below and white streets…

Canadian war bride Hendrika Lukkien (Image: Bev Tosh).

Letter: looking for Dutch War Brides

Dear Publisher, My name is Olga Rains, and I am a Dutch War Bride. You did a story about my husband Lloyd; he passed away…


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