Book 6 – War in the Indies

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Author Anne van Arragon Hutten
Number of Pages 96 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9868308-7-7
Language English

Book 6, War in the Indies, covers the occupation of the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) by the Japanese and the wholesale incarceration of civilians of European and partial European descent in concentration camps, where a cruel regime caused immense suffering and a high mortality rate.

Review from user ‘Addy77’ on This soft-cover book “War in the Indies: The Dutch in Wartime, Survivors Remember” is a very easy to read book for everyone. It is especially useful for those readers who have no idea whatsoever of what went on during the war time in the Indies. It is also important for second or third generation Indo’s, who are spread out all over the world, to learn what their families went through. I say that it is must read for all to gain awareness of the War in the Indies.

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